Parts Sequencing

The principle of automotive sequencing is for suppliers to deliver parts to the manufacturers just in time, and also in the proper build sequence, as requested by the customers. Sequencing maximizes manufacturer's floor space and reduces the inventory levels being carried by manufacturer and supplier. Sequencing can covers a number of components including doors, quarter panels, overhead systems, seats, glass, bumpers, exhaust systems, axles. Sequencing optimizes production efficiency while also reducing waste and parts storage space. 

Bulk Parts Metering

Bulk parts metering is an effective way to optimize your truckload transportation schedules and still allow for JIT deliveries into your plant.  Truckload volume shipments are received into the Logistics Center and the bulk parts are delivered to your plant systematically though out the day. This will help optimize your floor space and handling.


Our repack program is designed to help you meet the “returnable container” requirements while allowing you to save on “Round Trip” transportation costs. This is extremely important when considering International shipments.


A customized Kitting program can help you optimize your manufacturing capabilities. By organizing the proper parts on your line, this will help save space, material handling and ergonomics at the point of use. 


KACE can offer your organization effective warehousing options. Whether it’s short term warehousing to help manage your inventory peaks or a long term inventory program to help relieve space within your manufacturing plant.